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For male patients, Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements may help improving your fertility:

  1. Vitamin C (500mg/day): It helps to protect sperm against free radical damage and oxidative damage.  It also improves quality of sperm in smokers and reduces perm agglutination (a condition when sperm stick together and fertility is reduced)

  2. Vitamin E (400IU/day): Vitamin E has an important function as an antioxidant.  Therefore, it can decrease and mop up enough free radicals to prevent the damage to sperm cells.

  3. Folic Acid (1.0mg): Important in the development of normal sperm and also acts as an antioxidant

  4. Multi-Vitamin containing Zinc of 20mg: Zinc plays an important role for the male reproductive system.  A lack of Zinc can affect the normal sperm production.  For men with low testosterone, zinc supplements may raise testosterone levels and increase the sperm production.

  5. Selenium (200mcgs/day): A double-blind study has shown that Selenium supplement can significantly increase sperm motility.

Glengarry Pharmacy carries a large selection of vitamins and nutritional supplement products.  Some of the brands we carry are:

·         *    Fertil-Pro (NDN: 80017884)

**       *   ARP Preferred Brand

·         *    Jamieson

·         *    Swiss

·         *    Webber

It is always recommended to consult with your physician before taking any Vitamins or Nutritional Supplements.