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Glengarry Pharmacy offers full prescription services, including ALL injectable medications such as fertility injections, travel vaccinations: Havrix and Twinrix and diabetic injections and supplies.
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We are one of the few Edmonton Pharmacies that carries injections such as Fragmin and Aranesp and be listed by Edmonton Hospitals as a preferred pharmacy for their outpatients.  Our complete line of Fragmin and Aranesp injections and our proper handling and storage condition enables hospitals to repeatedly refer their patients to our pharmacy.  We also carry biohazard bins for proper disposal of syringes when patients are finished with their injections.
Method of Payment:

We accept cash, debit card, Visa and Master Card.  Please contact pharmacy for terms of credit card use on certain products.

Return Policy:


Prescription, over the counter medication and health care products dispensed, provided or shipped to a customer is non-returnable for reuse under ACP by-law.


"After a drug or health care product has been dispensed or sold, neither a pharmacist nor a pharmacy technician may:

a) accept that drug or health care product for reuse, or

b) reuse that drug or health care product."


Alberta College of Pharmacists, Standard 19.1 (m) Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians