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Fertility Drug Administration Information:

The following instructional videos or information pages are provided by the respective manufacturers for their fertility medications.  Glengarry Pharmacy does not hold responsibility for any change of content in their videos or disruption of service connecting to their web sites.  Instructions videos and information pages are for the purpose of patient reference only.

Please consult your fertility physician(s) or nurses for FULL INSTRUCTIONS pertaining to your fertility therapy.

EMD Serono Ferring Merck Image Sanofi Aventis Watson PharmaceuticalsAbbott
Gonal-F RFF Pen Menopur Puregon Pen Suprefact Nasal
Trelstar (Mixject)
Gonal-F RFF 75IU Vial * Repronex Orgalutran Suprefact Injection
(Page 2)
Lupron 14 Days Kit **
Cetrotide * Endometrin Prometrium ** Lupron Depot
Crinone Chorionic Gonadotropin
(HCG) (Novarel is a U.S. trademark)
Luveris Decapeptyl
Ovidrel Pen        
Ovidrel Pre-filled Syringe *  
* If video does not play properly on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, please use Google Chrome.
** You may be required to download (or update) Adobe Reader.